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Different Chocolate Flavors from Around the World

Different Chocolate Flavors from Around the World

Once upon a time, chocolate flavors consisted of dark, milk, or white

Once upon a time, chocolate flavors consisted of dark, milk, or white. Today, there are literally thousands of different flavors of chocolate. These range everywhere from slightly unusual to downright strange. Let’s take a look at a few of these exotic flavors.

Camel’s Milk: Dubai

In the Middle East, camel’s milk might as well be “liquid gold.” It has half the fat and three times the Vitamin C of cow’s milk. It is also much more difficult to come by, since camels only produce a small fraction of the milk that cows produce. Camel’s milk chocolates are made only by the company Al Nassma. This delicacy can be found at specialty shops and hotels throughout the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Japan, and can be shipped worldwide.

Pop Rocks: Barcelona

Chef Oriol Balaguer is known for his unique chocolate concoctions. The pop rocks chocolates were designed for the kid in all of us. These creations, called Mascletà chocolates, consist of hazelnut praline, crunchy Maldon sea salt, and Pop Rocks. To make sure the pop rocks don’t pop prematurely, they are coated in cocoa butter. As the cocoa butter melts in your mouth, the pop rocks pop and create their own little fireworks – hence the name.

Gouda Cheese: Japan

Japan is known throughout the world for its eclectic taste in foods. In 2007, Nestle decided to capitalize on that by offering unique flavors of their popular Kit Kat bars that would only be available in Japan. Since then, these chocolate bars have been popular with tourists and locals alike. Soy sauce remains one of their most popular flavors.

According to collectors, one of the most difficult flavors to find is European cheese. This candy bar is reported to contain 58% Gouda cheese. This gives it a smoky, salty, sour taste that most people would not expect to find in a candy bar. It has been spotted on the popular online auction site eBay and another site called J-List.

Enjoy the Flavors of Wockenfuss Chocolates

Cashew bark– We start off with a slab of Wockenfuss chocolate and load it up with delicious salted cashews for a sweet and salty treat.

Almond butter crunch toffee– Crunchy, rich, buttery toffee is covered in a layer of Wockenfuss milk chocolate and then rolled in fresh, chopped almonds straight from California.

Chocolate covered Oreos– Everyone’s favorite sandwich cookies get upgraded with a thick coating of delicious Wockenfuss chocolate.

A Wide Selection of Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

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