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Valentine’s Day & the Elixir of Love, Chocolate |Maryland Candy Shop

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day: an inseparable pair if there ever was one. Couples all around the country exchange heart-shaped boxes of chocolate when Cupid points his arrow at amorous lover- to-be on the holiday. But when did chocolate become a symbol of affection?  Long ago, according to historical accounts and legendary tales alike. Read on to find out about how and why we came to accept the sweet as a treat from our sweethearts.

Chocolate as the Lover’s Delight

– Chocolate has purportedly been considered an aphrodisiac since the ancient Aztecs, whose term for the treat, “xocoatl,” is the root of our name for the delicious dessert. The emperor Montezuma is said to have consumed the bean to help him carry on his tête-à-tête’s.

– Famed 18th century Italian adventurer Casanova, with his infamous reputation for seducing women, also supposedly considered chocolate to be an “elixir of love,” that helped him to carry on his affairs.

– In the 1800s, European physicians often prescribed chocolate as a treatment for heartbreak.

Modern-day lovers, rest assured: we can provide you with the dose of chocolate and candy you need to express fondness for your significant others. Check out these treats we have in the works for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Chocolate from Maryland Candy Shop

Heart-shaped lollipops and nonpareils will get your significant other’s heart pumping – we don’t know anyone who isn’t fond of these fun Valentine’s Day themed treats.

Always a classic, an assorted box of chocolates is sure to have something inside your lover will love. Build a custom variety featuring all their favorites, or select one of our hand-packed assortments.

We can’t help but to love a side of candy with our chocolate. Any of our gummies or red and pink treats make a great addition to a Valentine’s Day gift.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with treats from any one of our candy shops in Maryland – Wockenfuss has Valentine’s Day candy galore.

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