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3 Fun Ways to Enjoy Jelly Beans


Jelly beans are a fan favorite for people in all walks of life. Read on to learn a few new recipes and how loved these treats are!

Jelly beans are a fan favorite for people in all walks of life. Presidents have kept them in the Oval Office, and some parents routinely find them stuck between the seats of their couches and cars. These small, sweet, and chewy morsels come in a seemingly limitless range of colors and flavors, not to mention the complex flavor combinations that result from eating multiple jelly beans at once. Still, there are plenty of fun and unusual ways for fans of the humble jelly bean to truly push the culinary envelope. The next time you get some of your favorite jelly beans from Wockenfuss, try one of these unique recipe ideas!

Add Jelly Beans to These Tasty Treats for Kids

Nothing says “childhood” quite like a brightly-colored, sugary treat, and jelly beans add the perfect touch of whimsy to all kinds of childhood classics. Puffed rice squares are a popular choice for parties with attendees of all ages, and adding some colorful jelly beans into the mix is a great way to add some fun flavors and colors to an otherwise simple dessert. Jelly bean bark is another way to spice up a classic treat: cover a slab of melted white chocolate with jelly beans, shredded coconut, and any other ingredients you’d like. Like any other chocolate bark, jelly bean bark is fully customizable. Let your creativity flow! 

… Or Add a Twist to Your Favorite Adult Beverages

Adults can have plenty of fun with jelly beans, too. Because they are available in many colors and flavors, jelly beans make the perfect garnish or inspiration for countless cocktails. For a cherry jelly bean cocktail, combine cake-flavored vodka, grenadine, cherry liqueur, and some jelly beans as a garnish. Experiment with your favorite liqueurs, liquors, and jelly bean flavors. Try crafting a cocktail that tastes just like your favorite jelly bean!

Create Purr-fect Themed Desserts

Because of their simple oval shape, jelly beans lend themselves well to creative applications. These candies are ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Create fast, easy, and adorable kitty paws by using pink jelly beans. Simply use paw print-shaped cookie cutters or draw a paw print shape with icing on sugar cookies or cakes, then add pink jelly beans for each “toe.” Jelly beans also make excellent “eggs.” Use crushed chocolate-covered pretzels or shredded coconut to create a bird’s nest for your jelly bean eggs and set them on top of your next batch of cupcakes for a nature-themed dessert. No matter how you decide to use your jelly beans, make sure you get the best by ordering from Wockenfuss!

A Wide Selection of Delicious Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

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