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3 Great Reasons to Give the Gift of Candy

While candy is often associated with Christmas and Halloween, you don’t need to wait for a holiday to give the gift of candy! It makes a great gift for just about any occasion. Whether you need a small thank-you gift for your dog sitter or you’re looking for the perfect present to bring new parents, Wockenfuss Candies’ impressive assortment of sweet treats makes the perfect gift!

give the gift of candy

3 Great Reasons to Give the Gift of Candy

Hostess gift

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up and summer is in sight, you may be planning to take advantage of a friend’s lake house or beachfront condo. In order to make sure you’ll be invited back year after year, you’ll want to bring along a little hostess gift so you can let the homeowners know how much you appreciate their generosity. In honor of summer, a pound of saltwater taffy is always a great choice!

Thank-you gift

Whether a kindly neighbor helped you move a heavy piece of furniture or you’d like to thank a friend who’s always willing to babysit your cat, candy makes the perfect thank-you gift! No matter what type of palate you need to please, Wockenfuss has a delectable assortment of delights that are sure to be a hit. Peanut butter lovers won’t be able to resist our peanut butter kisses, while chocoholics will love an assortment of gourmet truffles.

New parent gift

Having a baby is a stressful experience, so why not give your friend or loved one a sweet treat to help them get through the day after another sleepless night? Our chocolate covered espresso beans provide a little caffeine buzz that will help sleep-deprived parents put the pep back in their step.

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