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A Handy Guide to Chocolate Truffles

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Learn what makes chocolate truffles so special!

When you’re looking for something that perfectly embodies luxury, decadence and deliciousness, it’s very hard to think of anything better than chocolate truffles. These little creamy balls of chocolatey goodness are almost universally beloved, but how much do you really know about chocolate truffles? Here’s a quick and handy guide! 

What Are Chocolate Truffles?

Chocolate truffles are balls of semi-solid chocolate that are usually rolled in something tasty like nuts, cocoa powder or toasted coconut. 

They’re made by mixing melted chocolate with a little cream. This mixture is then chilled to allow it to firm up; small spoonfuls of the mixture are then rolled into balls, followed by some kind of coating. 

Where Do Chocolate Truffles Come From?

No one is 100% sure where truffles came from, but the best guess is that they were first made by a Parisian chocolatier named Auguste Escoffier in the 1920s. Others claim that they were invented in Paris at the Patisserie Siravdin sometime in the 1800s. 

Whatever the true story is, it’s very likely that chocolate truffles were invented somewhere in Paris, a hundred years or more ago. So, for that, we can all say a hearty “Vive le France” and thank you very much for this delicious chocolatey confection

What Kind of Chocolate Truffles are Available?

Chocolate truffles really are a sum of their parts. Some have something right at the center, like a glacé cherry or a nut. Then there’s a layer of deliciously creamy chocolate truffle, and then an outer coating: there are nearly endless combinations you could choose! 

As for the truffle itself, you could use any kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate works well, as does milk chocolate. Although white chocolate is technically not chocolate at all, you can even use that to make truffles – and some truffles are even made from a marbled mixture. 

When making truffles, you can also add flavorings to the chocolate itself. Some people like coffee, others choose liqueur, or you could use an extract like peppermint. 

Then it’s time to roll! Anything from cocoa to powdered sugar can be used to coat chocolate truffles. Other options include nuts and coconut, and when Christmas comes around, crushed candy cane is another very popular option! 

A Great Gift

Chocolate truffles aren’t just delicious. They’re also the perfect gift for a friend, family or co-worker. Or, if it’s been a while since you did something nice for yourself, buy them just for you! 

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