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A History of the Caramel Apple

Caramel AppleEven though Halloween has passed, there’s no reason to get out of the fall spirit just yet. Thanksgiving is still around the corner and there is more than enough time to indulge in some sweet fall treats. One of the best fall treats there is for both health and taste is the caramel apple. While you get the sweet caramel taste, you also get all the health benefits of an apple! If you’ve ever wondered where this delectable treat got its roots, we’re here to tell you.

Dan Walker, an employee of a food company back in the 1950s, is credited with the invention of the caramel apple. Since caramels were already a Halloween staple, all Walker had to do was melt them down and add the apple. Then, voila! The caramel apple was created. For the next ten years of so, all caramel apples were created by hand. The task became very tedious after a while. A gentleman by the name of Vito Raimondi decided it was time for an automated way to make caramel apples. He set up the very first caramel apple machine in Chicago, Illinois. The rest is, as they say, history.

Caramel apples are still one of the most prominent fall treats today. While not so many people hand them out at Halloween anymore, many still consume them at fairs and festivals this time of year. Wockenfuss has upped the ante on the caramel apple, adding items such as the Caramel Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Explosion Apple, and even a Cookies and Cream Caramel Apple. Whatever your tastes are for a caramel apple, Wockenfuss has it. You can either purchase directly from one of our eight locations, or have them shipped directly to your home. Nothing says fall like a Wockenfuss caramel apple.

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