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Why You Should Add Chocolate to Desserts

Why You Should Add Chocolate to Desserts

Chocolate is a yummy treat all on its own. But it gets even better when you use it to dress up other types of desserts.

Chocolate is a yummy treat all on its own. But it gets even better when you use it to dress up other types of desserts. If you want to take your dinner party to the next level, don’t be afraid to experiment! Here’s a look at why you should consider adding chocolate to your dessert tray. 

Adds Structure 

Structure can be pleasing to the eye. When you impress your guests with your command over dessert structure, you can entice them to eat more, stay longer, and enjoy your company. In order to create the perfect dessert, you need to have it down to a science – and that’s no exaggeration. Flour, egg whites, sugar, oil, and egg yolks are all essential ingredients that you can’t leave out, especially for cakes. Cakes, cookies, pies, and tarts all benefit from the fat content in chocolate. 

Boosts Texture 

Different toppings can also give a dessert more texture. Chocolate is one of those many options. But you’ll never know how close you are to a masterpiece until you experiment with other toppings that could help you create some magic! Glaze, frosting, mousse, and ganache are all examples of what can make your cake a prize-winner. The fattier the chocolate, the smoother and richer the texture. Part of the process is thinking about for whom you’re making the dessert – your guests will thank you for your consideration! 

Decreases Moisture

You might think that a cake being too dry is a problem. In that case, you might wonder why moisture would be a problem. It’s the flour that could be a problem, even if you don’t realize it right away. You use several different wet ingredients, such as water, butter, and eggs. Milk also helps. But what happens if all of those wet ingredients get absorbed too quickly? A nearly-inedible mess! 

So you’ll have to balance out how much flour you plan on using. When you start making gluten-free or vegan baked goods, you’ll have to approach the recipe with a critical eye. Non-standard ingredients might not behave the same, especially if they lack the elasticity of gluten-containing products, which add crumb as well as flavor. Still, adding enough chocolate could balance that problem out. You just need to be sure that you pick the right type of chocolate, especially when heating is involved.  

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