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The Anatomy of a Chocolate Truffle

The Anatomy of a Chocolate Truffle

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a chocolate truffle?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a chocolate truffle? Well, although it shares the name, it’s not a mushroom – truffles can be mushrooms typically found underground and dug up by specially trained European pigs. But in this case, a truffle refers to a chocolate candy. And the name truffle might be somewhat misleading. Let’s learn more!

The Truth about Chocolate Truffles

Believe it or not, the chocolate industry has actually experimented with selling chocolate-covered mushrooms! But chocolate truffles are so named because of their strong resemblance to an actual truffle: both the mushroom and the chocolate treat are sphere-shaped lumps. Although they might sound off-putting, it turns out they’re quite delicious.

Inside the Chocolate Truffle

Both the Swiss and the French lay claim to the concept of the truffle, which dates back to about 1850. The iconic chocolate is made with a layer of ganache, chocolate and cream combined into a divine mixture. The ganache serves as a filling, because once it is ready, it is coated in another layer of chocolate or even cocoa powder. Since 1850, the chocolate truffle has changed as the years have gone by, transforming into countless varieties unique to different regions. Modern truffles have a wide range of different fillings. Here are just some examples:

What Defines a Truffle?

Ultimately, it can be hard to know exactly what a chocolate truffle is. Although you might have a tough time explaining it, when you see one, you’ll know what it is. There might be many ways to make a truffle, but as long as its core is gooey and it is egg-shaped or spherical, then it’s a truffle. However, truffles, made of chocolate or not, are not easy to make; many chocolate makers sell them at a high price, namely because they are so difficult and time-consuming to produce.

Chocolate Truffles from Wockenfuss!

Among the many flavors available, you’ll find:

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Tiramisu – These bite-sized tiramisu truffles are rich and dark, perfectly indulgent. The dark chocolate ganache in the center is coated with a delectable chocolate shell.

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