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April 21st is Chocolate Covered Cashew Day

Have you heard the buzz around town? We’re crazy for cashews and you should be too. On Sunday, April 21st it is national chocolate covered cashew day! In order to prepare for this exciting cashew day, here are a few facts you may not have already known about the cashew:

  • Cashews were originally found in Brazil, Portuguese settlers spread cashew seeds to the east coast of Africa where the plants immediately took to the land, eventually crossing from Mozambique to Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Cashews are a great source of protein (5 grams in a ¼ cup), fiber, vitamin B and many other nutrients.
  • Pistachio, mango, cashew and poison ivy are in the same family.
  • The shell of the cashew nut is toxic, which is why the cashew is shelled before it is sold to consumers.
  • Cashew nuts are actually apple seeds, the cashew apple that is — a fruit that grows on trees in northeastern and coastal Brazil.
  • All nuts are rich in fats; but the cashew is the second least fatty nut, right after the pistachio.
  • Cashew Nuts are high in monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to an increase in HDL “good” cholesterol and a decrease in LDL cholesterol.
  • When we think of healthy bones, we normally think of calcium, however, Cashews are very rich in magnesium, which is essential for good bone health. The magnesium also helps to sooth our nerves and keep migraine headaches in check.
  • The colloquial name for the cashew nut comes from the Portuguese name for the nut, caju.
  • Cashew nuts are often used as a substitute for milk or cream in vegan diets. Cashews are also used in cheese alternatives.

Make sure to stop in on Sunday to get your chocolate covered cashew fix. Or better yet, stop by any time at one of our 8 convenient locations to try some of our delicious candies and sweets.

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