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Back To School Favorites

Sweet back to school treats

After gathering school supplies, why not gather up something a little sweet for the students and teacher?

Nothing signals the impending end of summer like commercials advertising “back to school” sales. It’s enough to make everyone in your home moan and groan as they think about returning to classrooms. Why not send everyone out the door with something sweet to help boost morale on the first days of school?

College Students

Whether your college student is a freshman or a senior, why not start the school year off right by getting them a little something that’s extra sweet? Your students will have to balance homework, classes, assigned readings, social activities, and perhaps even a job on or off campus to earn this week’s laundry money. As they knuckle down to studying after a long day of classes and work, the only things that will keep them awake are coffee and chocolate; why not send them off to college with both in one little package? Give them some Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans to keep them happy and wide awake for tomorrow’s exam.


Teachers are the best! These men and women put so much time and energy into planning lessons, making presentations, drafting assignments, and grading papers – but they’re often overlooked. Why not get your student’s teacher a “welcome back” gift? Nothing is more iconic of a teacher than an apple. But instead of a plain red apple, try an upgraded version: Wockenfuss’s Candy Apples. Whether you decide on a Plain Caramel Apple or something a little fancier like the Peanut Butter Explosion Apple, your child’s teacher will love it!

Don’t Leave Out the Little Ones!

As a child, your summers are spent away at camp or in the backyard playing games with your neighborhood friends. Then summer ends. Your freedom is taken away, replaced with classwork, rules, and homework on a daily basis. It can be hard for children of all ages to adjust to this sudden change. While picking up a sweet treat for their teachers, why not pick up something for the kids as a sweet “first week” treat? Our kids’ section has many different treats that will reward your child for adjusting to the change in pace and for doing their work.

Wockenfuss Candies

While school is still a month away, there’s no better time to start thinking about sending your college student off with just the right supplies, or to pick out teacher appreciation gifts. There isn’t a better way of saying “good luck this year” than with a sweet treat for the end of the day!

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