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The Benefits of Using Candy to Reward Good Classroom Behavior

The Benefits of Using Candy to Reward Good Classroom Behavior

Using small rewards can serve as positive reinforcement.

Using small rewards can serve as positive reinforcement. In the classroom, as busy as it is, you want to be sure your students are as focused and well-behaved as possible. Some students may genuinely love to learn, and completing assignments and receiving praise is enough of a reward for them. But other students need treats and prizes to keep them motivated. Whichever reward you choose, be sure to keep it fair but varied enough depending on the task at hand. Here are the benefits of using candy to reward good classroom behavior.

Promoting Proper Behavior

By using candy as a reward, you can promote proper behavior inside your classroom. Teaching your students goes beyond the information they must absorb. You also have to teach your students to treat one another with respect, to abide by classroom rules, and to stay safe. The promise of more candy will help influence your students to be good. Better behaved students allow teachers to focus on instructional material rather than having to discipline their students.

Motivating Effort for Classroom Tasks

You may also find that your students are unwilling or otherwise reluctant to give it their all during class time. They might not want to complete classwork, or spend time on finishing projects. However, you can provide them with a reason to engage and stay motivated throughout the lesson. Use candy to reward them when they fulfill a classroom responsibility, such as when they clean up after themselves or return an item to its proper place. One of the hardest parts of a teacher’s job is getting their students to remain motivated and interested. Even though candy is only a small reward, it can still make a big difference: you’ll see them putting in more effort, and the more effort the students put in, the more effective the learning they receive will be.

Finished Homework Assignments and Projects

There is only so much information a student can process at once. The purpose of homework is to help reinforce the information or skills they learned that day. If students complete their homework and projects, either alone or in groups, be sure to give them a treat.

Much Happier Students

When students are more successful, they will feel much happier. Happier students are also much more engaged, better behaved, and most importantly, productive and excited to be in the room. Besides, earning candy makes everyone happy!

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