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A Brief History of Easter Candy

Easter is a deeply religious holiday which gives Christians a chance to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Given its religious roots, have you ever wondered how it came to be that this holiday has become synonymous with candy? Today’s Easter is a time for chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks all nestled in a pretty basket. So how did this come to be? Read this week’s blog to find out!


Learn more about Easter, below.

The history of Easter candy

Easter has its roots in an ancient pagan celebration of the goddess Eostre. She was the goddess of springtime and fertility and, according to lore, she once found a bird that was dying of cold and transformed it into a rabbit so that its fur would keep it warm. However, the bunny continued to lay eggs just like a bird, which it decorated and gave as a gift to the goddess to show his undying love and loyalty. This is why the holiday is associated with rabbits, chicks, and the tradition of dying Easter eggs.

As far as chocolate goes, that’s a newer addition to the Easter holiday tradition. In the 19th century, chocolatiers in Germany and France began manufacturing chocolate eggs, which quickly became hugely popular. The trend soon took over Europe and it was not long before chocolate eggs made an appearance in the United States. In order to receive chocolate Easter eggs, children were instructed to make baskets or nests so that the Easter Bunny could fill them with sweet treats. Chocolate eggs also became a popular Easter treat because many modern-day Christians give up chocolate for Lent and are eager to eat it on Easter once the fasting period is over.

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