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A Brief History of Gummi Bears and Gummi Candy

A Brief History of Gummi Bears and Gummi Candy

Everyone loves gummi bears and gummi candies!

Everyone loves gummi bears and gummi candies! But where did these adorable sweet treats come from? How long have they been around?

German Roots

Most people know that some of the world’s best chocolates come from Germany, but did you know that gummi bears also got their start there? In the 1920s, a German candy maker named Hans Riegel came up with the idea while he was working on improving a centuries-old gelatin recipe. The modern gummi bears and gummi candy we know today are descendants of Turkish delight and Japanese rice candy, although those treats are usually made with cornstarch and not gelatin.

The Bears

Back when gummi bears were first invented, their shape was longer and more slender than what we know today. Riegel was inspired by the bears that would dance in the German festivals, so he made his candy look like bears. Over time, the mold got shorter, wider, and cuter so that it would appeal more to children.

Gummi Candy

Throughout the mid-20th century, gummi bears’ popularity continued to grow, particularly in the United States. This led to many, many variations in shape, size, and flavors popping up everywhere. Today, you can get almost anything in gummi form, from peaches to cola bottles, and these yummy treats are available almost anywhere!

Sweet Gummi Treats Available at Wockenfuss

Spearmint leaves – These soft, slightly chewy mint treats are coated in a layer of sugar. Available in one pound packages.

Surf Sweets – These all-natural gummi treats are made right here in the good old USA. They are sweetened organically, contain nothing artificial, and are free from the top ten most common food allergens. We carry both the gummi bears and the sour gummi worms.

Milk chocolate covered gummi bears – Try our gummi bear upgrade dipped in delicious milk chocolate. These bite-sized treats are the best of both worlds: gummi and chocolate!

A Wide Selection of Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

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