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Butter Creams: Sweetness from the Inside Out

Butter Creams: Sweetness from the Inside Out

In this blog, we explore the sweet centers and rich flavors of butter creams!

Although chocolate bunnies are an iconic Easter candy favorite, butter creams are a common sight in Easter baskets everywhere. Large or small, milk chocolate or dark, everyone seems to have a favorite. Butter cream eggs are an Easter tradition for many, and there are plenty of butter cream flavors that are popular year-round. Whether they’re decorated with icing and sprinkles or simply enrobed in rich chocolate, butter creams have an undeniable appeal. What’s in the center of these sweet, melty delights? In this blog, we explore the sweet centers and rich flavors of butter creams!

What are Butter Creams, Exactly?

Traditional butter cream candies are filled with a mixture of butter, confectioners’ sugar, milk, and flavorings encased in a rich layer of chocolate. While individual recipes for butter creams vary widely, most of these confections are composed of a sweet and creamy filling, a chocolate shell, and decorations made of chocolate, sprinkles, or icing — these sweet treats come in all different shapes and sizes. You’ll find our large and small butter cream eggs make an excellent addition to any gift basket!

The Flavor Possibilities are Endless!

While the building blocks and basic characteristics of butter creams are the same across varieties, there are countless flavor combinations out there. Most of our butter creams are enrobed in either milk or dark chocolate, and our center flavors include dark chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, coconut, peanut butter, and hazelnut. Because butter creams can all look very similar on the outside, decorations are used to indicate what type of flavor is used on the inside. For example, our dark chocolate raspberry cream eggs are topped with a drizzle of pinkish-red icing, and our hazelnut truffle cream eggs are covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Send Easter Butter Cream Eggs for a Sweet Holiday Treat

Butter creams are a great way to celebrate Easter with your loved ones, whether they’re near or far. Butter creams ship incredibly well, and our butter cream egg gift boxes are a festive way to send your love. Whether you’re looking for another component for your Easter basket or you just want to send a delicious treat to your loved ones, nothing beats our butter creams!

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