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Cacao: Chocolate’s MVP

Cacao: Chocolate’s MVP

Like coffee, there are different varieties of chocolate, which is made from cacao.

Most of us like to enjoy at least one cup of coffee in the morning. It helps us wake up and start our day. Coffee is made with beans, and there are many different varieties of coffee beans. Like coffee, there are different varieties of chocolate, which is made from cacao. The three most common types of cacao are forastero, criollo, and trinitario.


The forastero variety of cacao is the most common. Sometimes called “bulk beans”, forastero beans account for around 70% of the world’s chocolate. Forastero trees originally grew in the Amazon, but today they grow all over the world, with the majority being in West Africa. The trees’ heartiness and the high yield of the pods are what make the forastero cacao tree so popular. The one downside is that the cacao requires a longer fermentation period to make it suitable for making good chocolate.


Criollo, which means “native” in Spanish, was the most common type of cacao when the Spanish invaded the Americas. It has a mild flavor and low acidity, which is why it is considered to make the world’s “top of the line” chocolate. Unfortunately, Criollo pods have a very low yield and are highly susceptible to disease. They can be quite expensive to grow. Criollo cacao only accounts for about 10% of the world’s chocolate.


Trinitario cacao is simply a hybrid of forastero and criollo. This hearty variety is less bitter than regular forastero and a little earthier than criollo. Also, it is worth noting that just because your chocolate comes from a certain type of cacao doesn’t mean it is of higher or lower quality than chocolate made from other varieties. It is all in how the chocolate maker handles it and the other ingredients they mix it with.

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