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Candy Corn: The History behind the Classic Halloween Treat

This past weekend, as chilly weather started to move in, Marylanders began to accept the reality that summer is coming to a close and fall is on the way. Whatever your favorite part of fall – going back to school, visiting haunted houses, or chowing down on Thanksgiving turkey – we can all agree that trick-or-treating and Halloween candy is one of the best parts! This week we’ll focus on a classic Halloween favorite: candy corn. You probably love our original, pumpkin spice, and fruit cream candy corn flavors, but do you know where this fun Halloween treat originated? Read our blog to find out!

Candy Corn Halloween Candy

You probably love our original, pumpkin spice, and fruit cream candy corn flavors, but do you know where this fun Halloween treat originated?

The Complete History of Candy Corn

These delicious little orange, yellow, and white treats were first produced and sold by Goelitz Confectionery Company, known today as Jelly Belly, in 1898. The production of candy corn kept the company afloat throughout the Great Depression and both World Wars.

During the early years, candy corn was actually called “chicken feed” because during those times, corn was mainly fed to chickens. Candy corn had no association with fall or Halloween – it was available between March and November only due to the tedious process of producing it during the winter.

Candy corn was made from a simple recipe mainly comprised of sugar, corn syrup, and water. The mixture was poured into large kernel-shaped molds. Employees of Goelitz would pass over the molds with the buckets three times, each time with a different color – white, orange, and yellow.

Once dried, the candy corn would be removed and packed into boxes to be shipped by wagon or train. Because it was perishable, it had to get to its destination quickly. It was sold out of barrels in bulk candy and drug stores and quickly became extremely popular. Other companies tried to copy them in turnip, clover, chestnut, and other shapes – but nothing ever compared to candy corn.

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