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Candy for the Gatsby Enthusiast

The Great Gatsby just opened in theatres last weekend, for those of you who haven’t already seen it, well I am going to shy away from spoilers and just say it is the best movie I have seen about the 1920’s all year. With a great storyline, music by Jay-Z, and some great actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher and more, it is sure not to disappoint even someone who has not read the novel.

If you are prepping for a Great Gatsby movie party and want to enjoy some sweets that are authentic to that time period, I have compiled a list of some sweet treat must haves at your next Gatsby gathering. While in the movie Jay Gatsby isn’t seen chowing down on any delicious treats, we can imagine that he still enjoyed them when he was not at a ball or trying to win back his long time love Daisy.

Some of the goodies enjoyed in the 1920s are no longer available but there are great sweets that are still sold in candy stores around the country. Below is a sampling of some delicious treats that were enjoyed during the roaring 20’s.

Popular Candies

Abba Zabba —Fresh Peanut Butter embedded in chewy vanilla taffy.

Baby Ruth – a candy bar with chocolate covered peanuts, caramel and nougat.

Butterfingers – chocolate covered flaky crispy peanut butter.

Charleston Chews – flavored nougat covered in chocolate

Goldenberg’s Peanut Chew —molasses and fresh peanuts covered in dark chocolate.

Raisinets – raisins covered in chocolate.

Taffy Pulls – salt water taffy which has been heated up and pulled

Here at Wockenfuss, we have been around since 1915, so we may know a thing or two about popular candy from the 1920s. Why not pick up some authentic candy from the roaring 20’s. We have eight delicious locations serving some ‘old fashioned treats’.

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