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How to Celebrate a Sweet Summer Occasion

How to Celebrate a Sweet Summer Occasion

Salty, savory, or sweet – the flavor profiles are all up to you. Here’s a look at how to celebrate a sweet summer occasion!

The summer heat is starting to cool off. Even though there’s still more than a month of summer left, everyone is hoping that the blazing heatwave we all felt last week won’t come back any time soon. You’re probably in the mood to throw a party, and no gathering is complete without the right snacks. Salty, savory, or sweet – the flavor profiles are all up to you. Here’s a look at how to celebrate a sweet summer occasion! 

For Everyone Who Loves Chocolate 

Try using some novelty candy seashells filled with chocolate. If you are hosting a wine tasting as your occasion, then you will want to know which wines go with which chocolates. That’s an easy enough question to answer: you’ll want to provide your guests with port, which is a deep, rich, red wine. Dark chocolate lovers are bound to be somewhat purist, though; this means you’ll have to go the extra mile to impress them. But all you need to do is combine some dark chocolate truffles with another wine, Aglianico. This wine will bring out the bold flavors of the chocolate.  

For Everyone Who Loves Candy 

Then again, you’ll have guests who will prefer other types of candy over chocolaty treats. After all, some people just can’t handle anything that is too intensely flavorful or rich. It just doesn’t agree with them. Gummy candies can be a delightful change of pace. All of these candies pair well with a chardonnay that has plenty of fizz. Sour gummies are also a hit with anyone who enjoys that mouth-puckering flavor, and surprisingly, these gummies pair well with Riesling and sauvignon blanc. Rock candy swizzle sticks are also a yummy treat that you shouldn’t hesitate to include in your plans. 

For Everyone Who Loves Peanut Butter

Finally, let’s take a minute to think about everyone who enjoys peanut butter with their chocolate. Peanut butter cups and fudge loaded with peanut butter can be another way to entice anyone who doesn’t care for standard chocolates or ordinary candies. Lambrusco is a good wine to pair with these treats. If you create a truly enjoyable event, maybe next year you can plan a similar bash! Wine and candy are just the beginning. 

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