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Chocolate Around the Globe: A Chocolate-Lover’s World Tour

At every corner of the globe, chocolate reigns supreme. While we have our fair


If you’re willing to try some exotic chocolates during your world travels this year, here are the countries to visit and what they have to offer.

share of chocolate-lovers in Charm City, there are many other places around the world where chocolate is loved just as wholeheartedly as it is here in Baltimore. If you’re willing to try some exotic chocolates during your world travels this year, here are the countries to visit and what they have to offer.


While Mexico might not be the first place your mind goes when you think about chocolate, it is the most important country when it comes to chocolate. Mexico is considered the birthplace of chocolate, as it is where the cacao plant grows naturally. As you know, cacao is the main ingredient of all the wonderful chocolate you love. Mexican chocolate is typically flavored with spices, vanilla, and pepper to give it a little bit of sweetness mixed with some heat.


Gold wasn’t the only valuable commodity the Spanish took from Mexico. Since the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the Spanish have been putting their own spin on chocolate. Spaniards changed a traditional Mexican chocolate drink by adding sugarcane. People in Spain still enjoy this rich chocolate drink today, usually with cinnamon mixed in and churros on the side.


French cuisine will always be considered one of the most delicious and most elegant cuisines in the world, and that includes their chocolate. France is just below the U.S. on the list of the top ten nations eating the most chocolate per capita. French chocolate lovers consume about 9.3 pounds of chocolate per person per year, while Americans consume about 9.5 pounds of chocolate per person. Before you renew your passport, though, our locally-made, gourmet chocolates will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings.


Swiss chocolate might be the most internationally-recognized chocolate, and for good reason. Chocolate is one of Switzerland’s main exports, and it is known globally for its high-quality ingredients — particularly cocoa butter. With chocolate that tastes this good, it is no wonder why Switzerland sets the world record for most chocolate consumed per capita. At the top of the list, the Swiss consume 19.8 pounds of chocolate per capita per year. That’s a lot of chocolate!


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