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Chocolate and Tea Make a Wonderful Pairing!

Chocolate and Tea Make a Wonderful Pairing!

It’s tea time! Even though it’s late summer, it’s still a great time to have a tea party.

It’s tea time! Even though it’s late summer, it’s still a great time to have a tea party. Maybe that tea just needs to be iced instead of hot and enjoyed on the patio. Or, if you’re missing going out for brunch, now can be the time to bring that fun occasion home. Let’s find out how to pair up chocolate and tea!

Creating Flavors that Mesh Well

Gourmet chocolate is packed with the taste of pure cocoa. This matters more than you might think, especially when you want to pair chocolate with tea. At the same time, it’s important to choose high-quality tea; the kind that comes in simple tea bags might not meet your expectations for this occasion. One way to create flavors that mesh well is to look for different-sounding flavors that still go well together; for instance, a honey oolong paired with dark chocolate-covered lemon creams – you’ll be surprised by how delightful it is!

Creating Deliciously Contrasting Flavors

You might want to try putting together flavors that give you some pleasant contrast. Let’s say that you have a huge collection of different teas, and several different varieties of chocolate; time to put your stocks to the test. Wildly different flavors could have a better outcome than you expect – even if they don’t sound appetizing together! Sure, you could devour a bar of chocolate or brew a pot of tea just by itself, but where’s the fun in that? When you combine them by consuming them at the same time, you’ll do more to bring out all of their flavor profiles. Do you love dark chocolate? Then you’re in luck! Dark chocolate truffles are amazing when you treat yourself to them, yes, but go ahead and pair them with some freshly made mint green tea. It’s a lighter tea that is wonderfully refreshing, especially on a hot summer day!

Bringing Out the Complex Flavors

You can also try to enhance different flavors. Bringing out the flavors will delight your taste buds, so don’t hesitate to give it a try! Richer raspberry-flavored teas are fantastic when paired with chocolate-coated blackberry brandy cordials!

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