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Christmas Candy Around The World

Christmas Candy Around The World

Christmas candy takes many forms. From marzipan pigs to foil-wrapped szaloncukor, these regional treats are Christmas favorites from around the world.

As the Christmas season approaches, families everywhere are gathering the supplies they need to celebrate. For many, this includes seasonal confections and traditional treats. Christmas candy traditions are different from family to family, and they have a wide range of regional variations. Here are some popular forms of Christmas candy from countries around the world:

Marzipan Animals and Shapes

Marzipan, a sweet paste made from almonds, is a popular ingredient in candies and baked goods in many parts of the world, particularly during the Christmas season. In Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, sculpted marzipan pigs are a popular treat. In Belgium and the Netherlands, marzipan figurines are a standard children’s gift from Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of Santa Claus. In Italy, people enjoy fruit-shaped marzipan figures called Frutta martorana, while those in Spain enjoy animal-shaped mazapán. Spanish mazapán is also a popular Christmas candy in Latin America, though Latin American sweets are often made from peanuts instead of almonds.

Chocolate Christmas Candy

While fruits and nuts are popular ingredients in Christmas candy, there are also many chocolate confections associated with the holiday. A classic French mendiant consists of a chocolate disk (not unlike a nonpareil) that is studded with a hazelnut, an almond, a dried fig, and a raisin. Chocolate fudge is an American favorite, and many people send fudge to their friends and loved ones at Christmastime. In Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania, people enjoy szaloncukor, which are chocolate-covered fondant candies. Szaloncukor are typically wrapped in shiny foil and used to decorate Christmas trees, and they sometimes contain coconut, jelly, or marzipan filling.

Fudge and Sugar Candy

Although Americans are often most familiar with chocolate fudge, there are many other varieties of the confection that are popular as a Christmas candy. Polish krówki and Russian korovka are semi-soft fudge toffee candies that are popular around this time of year. The name means “little cows,” and the sweets themselves consist of a hard and crispy outer shell with a creamy filling. Swedish knäck, also known as Christmas Butterscotch, is a simple toffee made of sugar syrup, heavy cream, sugar, butter, and chopped almonds. While some Swedes like chewy knäck, others prefer it hard — the cracking sound it makes when prepared in a hard form is the source of its name, which means “crack” in Swedish.

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