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3 Coconut Candies to Enjoy at Wockenfuss

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Explore the numerous coconut candies available at Wockenfuss, including our Coconut Creams!

If you’re a fan of coconut’s sweet and refreshing taste, you’ll find tasty coconut confections at Wockenfuss Candies. This versatile treat may be enjoyed when shredded or toasted, in a creamy filling, or as a chewy snack. If you adore coconut, be sure to explore the delicious choices available in our coconut clusters, coconut creams, and coconut strips. 

Coconut Clusters: Toasted Coconut and Chocolate 

Coconut clusters are milk or dark chocolate cups of chocolate filled with shredded and toasted coconut, which fills each bite of this treat with a subtly aromatic, toasty coconut flavor. The coconut shreds add an appealing texture to the chocolate, too. Coconut clusters are also available in sugar-free varieties! 

Coconut Creams: Make Chocolate Even Sweeter

If you’re interested in coconut candies that put the coconut flavor front and center, try our coconut creams. These chocolate sweets are milk or dark chocolate squares filled with delicious coconut cream. The cream filling is soft, sweet, and filled with shredded coconut pieces for that classic texture that makes this treat so enticing. Every bite bursts with sweet, sugary coconut filling, all surrounded by melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. These candies also come in sugar-free varieties so that everyone can enjoy them.

Coconut Strips: Colorful, Chewy Fun 

If you aren’t interested in pairing coconut and chocolate, try our refreshing coconut strips. These chewy, colorful candies come in two different varieties. The Rainbow Strips are colored in pink and brown stripes, and the Watermelon Strips consist of vibrant red and green color blocks. These coconut candies are a great snack when you’re on the go, and pack refreshing flavors in every bite. These candies are ideal for those who enjoy coconut and don’t want to deal with potentially messy chocolate.

If these sweet treats sound great to you, visit your local Wockenfuss to try these mouthwatering confections. 

A Wide Selection of Delicious Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

Head to and browse our wide selection of chocolates and candies; we promise you won’t be disappointed! Wockenfuss Candies is one of the oldest candy makers in Baltimore. We opened our doors in 1915 and have proudly served the people of Baltimore ever since. If you have any questions about our wide selection of chocolates, please contact Wockenfuss Candies by calling 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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