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Conversation Hearts Have Been a Valentine’s Day Tradition for Over a Century!

Few candies are more emblematic of a holiday than conversation hearts are for Valentine’s Day. These small and powdery heart-shaped wafer candies are emblazoned with sweet messages; even if you don’t particularly enjoy the way they taste, you’ve probably given and received them on more than a few Valentine’s Days. Also known as sweethearts, these small candies have a long history. Learn more in today’s blog!


Conversation hearts are a beloved Valentine’s Day tradition.

A history of conversation hearts and Valentine’s Day

Conversation hearts were originally produced by the candy company NECCO in the 1860s. During this period, hollow candies often contained a small surprise message (like a fortune cookie), and consumers were delighted with the concept of a sweet treat that also contained a funny or cute message. Daniel Chase, the brother of NECCO’s founder, began to experiment with printing messages directly onto the company’s crisp wafer candies. He began by printing each message by hand, but over time was able to refine a method of automating the process using a die-cut press and vegetable dyes. The original messages were often quite long and more similar to a fortune cookie message than what adorns the conversation hearts today.

Around the turn of the century, NECCO began producing the candies in their signature heart shape, shortened the messages that were printed on them, and a Valentine’s Day gifting tradition was born. The conversation candies you can purchase today are very similar to the ones available then in both look and taste, but the messages have been updated for modern times (you definitely wouldn’t have found one that says “text u later” in 1905!). Each year, over eight billion conversation hearts are produced – more than 50 tons of this cute candy!

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