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How to Create a Delicious Memorial Day Picnic

Visit Wockenfuss for all of your picnic desserts!

Visit Wockenfuss for all of your picnic desserts!

On Memorial Day, friends and family gather together to remember the more than one million men and women who have given their lives in service of our country. We celebrate their extraordinary sacrifice by attending parades, visiting museums, and spending time with loved ones. If your family and friends have decided to celebrate this Memorial Day with a classic holiday picnic, read on to discover how you can make it both festive and delicious!

Support Local

Support local farmers: purchase the freshest foods by shopping for your produce at the farmer’s market. For the best-tasting picnic menu, opt for vegetables and fruits that are ripest during the month of May. A seasonal local meal always provides the best flavor!  

Colorful Meals are Healthy Meals

Selecting foods of different colors creates a beautiful and healthy picnic meal. Healthy eating advocates often tell people to “eat the rainbow.” This is a simple reminder that a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive. Fresh vegetables and brightly colored fruits aren’t just nutritious; they make refreshing picnic meals!

Plan Outdoor Games

Whether you’re throwing a Memorial Day picnic in the local park or in your backyard, you’re bound to have enough room for games! Volleyball, capture-the-flag, and whiffle ball are great games that the entire group can enjoy together. You don’t need a lot of equipment, either, which means that bringing the games won’t be a hassle!

Shop Local, Delicious Chocolates for All Your Picnic Needs at Wockenfuss

Don’t forget about dessert! Wockenfuss has a wide selection of delicious treats for all of your holiday needs! Our Summer Candies are back in stock; don’t miss out on local favorites like Chocolate Filled Seashells!

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