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The Dessert Sampler Board Is the Newest Summer Trend

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Give your sampler platter a salty twist with our chocolate covered cashews!

A thoughtfully curated sampler board is always received with a warm welcome at parties, events, and family dinners. The sampler board isn’t just a plate filled with meats and cheeses, but an invitation for friends and family to gather around a table and dine together. This summer, apply the same idea to your after-dinner treat, and learn how to design the most delicious dessert sampler plate!

First, Assemble the Goodies

A sampler board gives guests the chance to sample foods with complementing flavors. When you set out to purchase your dessert ingredients, think about treats that pair well with each other. Dark chocolates pair well with fresh fruits such as strawberries, while caramels are best enjoyed with a salty snack like crackers.

Prepare Treats on a Board

First, choose a board large enough to fit all of your goodies. Large wooden cutting boards are perfect serving plates for a sampler platter of any form. Don’t worry about laying your chocolates and fruits perfectly on the board. Place a row of richly colored chocolates next to bright berries and fruits. Dipping creams like cottage cheese or whipped cream look great in small, colorful bowls. If the bowls don’t fit on the board you can place them next to it, along with any crackers or small serving plates you might need.

Pair with a Beverage

Finish off your after-dinner treats with a beverage pairing. Fizzy, light Italian sodas are low in sugar and complement rich chocolates and fruits. Complex red wines such as a Malbec or Pinot Noir create a lively experience when paired with fruit and dark, nutty chocolate. If you’re a beer drinker, try pairing your dessert sampler with a flavorful stout or light pale ale.

Gourmet, Local Chocolates from Wockenfuss

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