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Different Kinds of Cacao

Different Kinds of Cacao

Chocolate comes from cacao. It is then transformed in several stages from its raw form into what we know as chocolate.

Chocolate comes from cacao. It is then transformed in several stages from its raw form into what we know as chocolate. Those sweet treats are sometimes loaded with different flavors, and it might all have to do with the cacao that it comes from. Here is more information about it


Most of the chocolate we all enjoy comes from this type of cacao, about seventy percent. The main reason for this is that the trees are incredibly strong, and give up a large bounty of beans every time there’s a harvest. Forastero beans originally only came from the Amazon region of South America. Now the trees have spread around the world; the highest concentration of them can now be found in West Africa instead.  


Let’s talk about criollo next. This term means “native” in Spanish. Before forastero, it was the kind of cacao bean that you would find most often throughout the world. The problem is that criollo trees don’t have much to give whenever they yield beans to harvest. They’re also more susceptible to diseases, which means they’re more delicate. Unfortunately, this means that they are much more expensive to cultivate and grow, which has reduced their prominence down to only about ten percent of all of the chocolate in the world. Even so, this makes for some yummy chocolate. Take a minute to think about the acidity levels in the coffee you drink. High acidity levels are probably not something you enjoy. Likewise, this chocolate doesn’t have very much acid in it, so its flavor is very smooth and enjoyable.   


Some chocolate is sweeter than others; other types are more bitter. The lighter a type of chocolate is, the sweeter it will be. That’s why white chocolate is so much sweeter than dark chocolate. Trinitario is slightly sweeter than the Forastero. It shows off the best of the best, but the flavor isn’t as complex or as strong.

We hope you have learned something from our latest guide to chocolate cacao! 

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