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Do You Know the Story Behind Gummi Bears?

Gummi bears have been a family favorite for generations. With their cute shape and delightful flavors, it’s no wonder so many children and adults love gummi bears. The perfect snack all year round, these sweet little bite-sized treats are as attractive as they are delicious. Gummi candy can even be found in a variety of different shapes, sharks, cola bottles, butterflies, and more! So where did gummi bears come from? And how did they become so popular? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this week’s blog!

Gummi Bears

Gummi bears have been a favorite treat for decades.

The history of gummi bears

The history of gummi bears can be traced back to 1922, when a German-born man named Hans Riegel began experimenting with candy-making. He started by making hard candies; after a number of minor successes, he had a brilliant stroke of inspiration: he decided to try working gelatin into his recipes. During this period, dancing bears were a popular circus attraction; he decided that they would make the perfect shape for his delicious new squishy, soft, and chewy treats. He infused them with bright and cheery colors to help attract the attention of young candy-lovers, and he quickly realized that he had hit gold! His bears, originally called Gold Bears, were an instant success.

Riegel’s Gold Bears were a popular treat up until World War II, when Hans Riegel tragically lost his life in the conflict; his company, Haribo, began to suffer as a result – that is, until his sons decided to take over the family business and reinvigorate the brand. They took on the task of rebuilding the company in the post-war era, and successfully managed to bring back Gold Bears to the delight of candy lovers everywhere.

In 1986, Haribo opened its first American factory right here in Baltimore and proved that Riegel’s legacy truly had a global influence. Today, millions of people worldwide enjoy Gold Bears and their gummi candy cousins, and it all came about thanks to one man’s creativity and love for the circus.

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