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Enjoy Some Delicious Fudge this Summer!

Enjoy Some Delicious Fudge this Summer!

Fudge is so versatile that you don’t need to only enjoy it for dessert.

Fudge is so versatile that you don’t need to only enjoy it for dessert. You can eat it by itself, but you can also use it to make other dishes more delicious. So whether you’re trying to think of something to give your picnic a lift or you are trying to decide what to do for your next potluck, here are some ideas to help get you started.

Share Some Cookies

Take a minute and think about your favorite flavor of cookie. One way to improve on a classic recipe like chocolate chip or a new favorite like white chocolate macadamia nut is to add some fudge to it. Instead of using the chocolate chips or the white chocolate, you can substitute fudge. Adding peanut butter, almond, or walnut fudge can lend even more flavor to your cookie, but before you do this, make sure nobody receiving the cookies has a nut allergy!

Bake Up a Batch of Brownies

Brownies are another form of comfort food that you can use to cheer up a sad friend or welcome a new neighbor to the block. Cut the fudge into chunks, since a block of fudge is going to be hard to bake with; it’s up to you how you prepare the batter, but by taking this advice, you will make this project easier on yourself. Melting the fudge and then mixing it into the batter with your stand mixer can also boost the texture of your brownies.

Indulge Your Cheesecake Craving

You don’t need to go out to a restaurant to get your cheesecake fix. Indulge your craving by experimenting with ways to add fudge to your next homemade cheesecake. Use the best fudge you can get. Chopping up the fudge or melting it down are both great ways to incorporate the fudge, but you can also get more creative. Try swirling for a marbling effect that can wow your guests. Then think about the different flavors you can play around with – a rocky road cheesecake might be unconventional, but it could also be your specialty that everyone will be asking you to make for every gathering you host or attend this summer.

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