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Ever wanted to know the History of Lollipops? Wockenfuss has you covered.

History of LollipopsAs a child, going to the doctor is an experience you always dreaded. You were poked and prodded and then there were the needles. Aaaah! Fortunately, there was a silver lining: Lollipops. When all was said and done, that big scary doctor reached down and handed you your favorite delicious treat on a stick. It instantly made everything better. As an adult, lollipops may no longer hold the same mystical power, but that doesn’t mean you love them any less. But where did they come from? What is the History of Lollipops?

Some people believe you have the caveman to thank for the lollipops of today. You see, thousands of years ago people collected honey from beehives using sticks. Yum! Fast forward a few years and the ancient Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians began producing fruit and nut confections that they “candied” in honey. And guess what else they did? If you guessed “put it on a stick,” you are right!

As for the first modern lollipop, you can probably thank the English. In the 17th Century, the English enjoyed boiled sugar candy treats on sticks, which made the candies easier to eat. This is also thought to be the time when the term lollipop was first coined. In Northern England, “lolly” means tongue and “pop” meant slap. So lollipop literally means “tongue slap.” However, the term “lollipop” would not be trademarked until 1931.

In 1908, the Racine Confectionary Machine Company introduced a machine that put hard candy on the ends of sticks: 2,400 sticks per hour to be exact. Viola! The lollipop as we know it.

Lollipops from Wockenfuss

Do you suddenly have a craving for lollipops? Who could blame you? Fortunately, Wockenfuss Candies has you covered. Our line of lollipops is sure to bring a smile to your face. Our Assorted Crystal Sticks, delicious rock candy swizzle sticks, are a personal favorite. And then there are our Jelly Belly Lollibean Pops. Each one is shaped like a jellybean.

We also have several milk chocolate lollipops: Milk Chocolate Nonpareil Pop, Milk Chocolate Crab Pop, and our Milk Chocolate Lacrosse Pop.

Wockenfuss has been a Maryland tradition since 1915.

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