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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pumpkins*

Jack o' Lanterns

How much do you know about pumpkins?

*but were afraid to ask

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the coming of autumn means the welcoming of pumpkin spice. Coffee drinkers rejoice in their favorite warm seasonal beverage, and consumers of the world jump with glee as the shops fill with pumpkin pies. There’s just something about that plump orange gourd that instills happiness in us all. Even at Wockenfuss, we’ve caught the pumpkin bug. Visit one of our stores to try our pumpkin truffles or pumpkin pie fudge!

Fun Facts

  1. Pumpkins are proven to improve eyesight. A cup of cooked, mashed pumpkin contains more than 200 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, which is an aid to healthy vision, according to the National Institute of Health.
  2. The largest pumpkin ever grown was in Greene, Rhode Island. On October 7, 2006, it weighed in at 1,502 pounds, breaking the previous record of 1,500 pounds.
  3. In early colonial times, the pumpkin was considered “food of desperate times.” It was used as a substitute in beer and bread when there was no barley to be found.
  4. The pumpkin capital of the world is Morton, Illinois. The city claims to produce 85 percent of the world’s canned pumpkin. Each year, Morton throws the Morton Pumpkin Festival in the third weekend of September. This year will be the 50th anniversary of the festival.
  5. The ritual of carving jack o’ lanterns originates in Ireland. Large turnips and potatoes served as early canvases.

Pumpkins in Entertainment

  1. This year will be the 50th anniversary of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Charles M. Schultz’s holiday special. The tale tells of Linus’ firm belief in the holiday figure, believed to be a vast pumpkin-man.
  2. In Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, the headless horseman is described as carrying a pumpkin in his hand. A shattered pumpkin found near the unconscious body of Ichabod Crane proves his attack was of the supernatural sort.
  3. Jack Skellington, the anti-hero in The Nightmare Before Christmas, has a pumpkin for a head and is deemed “The Pumpkin King” at the beginning of the film. He swallows a torch, setting himself ablaze at the town’s Halloween festival.

Visit Wockenfuss for a Pumpkin Sweet!

Since 1915, Wockenfuss has been a family owned and operated business creating the finest confections in Baltimore, Maryland. With our nine convenient locations throughout Maryland, there is sure to be a Wockenfuss store near you. Come visit us to see our selection of fall favorites such as candy apples  and saltwater taffy. We’d be happy to help you select the perfect sweet treat, whether for you or as a gift for a loved one. If you have any questions about our sweet seasonal candies, please contact Wockenfuss Candies by calling us at 1-800-296-4414 or emailing When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on FacebookTwitter, Google+, and Pinterest too!

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