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Feats of Chocolate to Check Out

chocolate feats and chocolate sculpture

Chocolatiers are doing magical things with chocolate all over the world.

As a Wockenfuss fan, you already know that some pretty spectacular things can be done with chocolate. From humble beginnings as a bean in a pod to some spectacularly delicious truffles and peanut butter cups, chocolate is a pretty versatile ingredient, and certainly a favorite one. While the masterminds at Wockenfuss get creative with things like our gourmet artisan truffles, and our heavenly rocky road bars, some other people take chocolate to places it’s never been before. Check out these unusual ways in which people have used chocolate.


Every year since 1994, chocolatiers and fashion designers have come together to create fashion creations made of chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. This trade show of sorts brings some seriously talented people together to create impressive feats of chocolate fashion sculpture. Last year the event celebrated its 20th anniversary, and in 2015, the event will fittingly be held during the week of Halloween. Not only are there chocolate outfits, but there are chocolate shoes and chocolate hairs accessories. They’ve master it all, and real models take their creations down runways for more than 120,000 visitors to enjoy.


Surely you’ve heard the hysteria surrounding the life-size chocolate version of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The statue was created as an ad for UKTV, and made headlines. He is not the first celebrity to be re-imagined in chocolate though. There’s also been Sir Elton John and of course, Michael Jackson, among others. Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch is 6 feet tall like his celebrity twin, took a whopping 250 hours to create, and required the use of 500 Belgian chocolate bars. The creation went on display in London at Westfield’s Stratford City, a shopping mall.

Wockenfuss Candies

The chocolates at Wockenfuss may not look like your favorite celebrity, and aren’t suitable for wear, but they are delicious and beautiful. Now that you’ve got that chocolate craving, stop by your local Wockenfuss for some treats. If you have any questions about our sweets, please contact Wockenfuss Candies by calling 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest!


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