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Five Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020

Five Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020

Father’s day is coming soon!

Father’s Day is coming soon. There are many ways to mark this special day; Here are some great ideas for making the occasion even sweeter.

Start with Brunch

Food is always an important part of family gatherings, even if this year’s Father’s Day will be a subdued affair. That means you should start with brunch, especially if you choose sweet items over savory ones or combine savory dishes with a well-stocked dessert bar!

Family Game Night

Another idea is to have a family game night, a great way to create some bonding time. Board games are sure to be a hit, as are card games or brain-tickling jigsaw puzzles. The important thing is that you let dad choose the games, even if you don’t let him win!

Beer Tasting

Right now, going to the craft brewery is virtually impossible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beer tasting home. Take the time to get a tasting flight before the big day. Lagers, Ales, and IPAs are all examples of beers that he might like. This is also a fantastic way for you to support some local, smaller businesses during these tough and uncertain times due to the pandemic.

Movie Night

Another way to liven up the day is to host a movie night. Projecting a screen against a blank wall can help you mimic that drive-in feel while you stay home in your pajamas and toast some marshmallows for smores. Pick one of his all-time favorite movies and take the party up a notch with chocolate-drizzled popcorn, candies from Wockenfuss, and a cocktail that Dad will enjoy.

Include Sweets

One of the best ways to make Dad happy is to give him some sweets. Chocolates and other sweet treats from Wockenfuss are sure to put a smile on his face. A cake is another special way to make Father’s Day even sweeter. Pick out a cake that fits his tastes and favorite flavors, and choose decorations for the cake that will make the occasion even more special.

A Wide Selection of Chocolate Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

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