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The Flavorful History of Sea Salt and Caramel

wockenfuss candies sea salt and caramel

Learn more about the origins of one of our favorite flavors: sea salt and caramel!

Sea salt and caramel are among the tastiest flavor combinations available. But when did this potent mixture come together? The history of sea salt and caramel goes back decades! Before you indulge in your next bite of sea salt caramel treats, consider how far this confection has come. 

The Invention of Salted Caramel 

Salted caramel was invented by Henri Le Roux, a French caramélier and chocolatier in the 1970s. Le Roux lived in Brittany, a region in France famous for its butter and sea salt. Henri Le Roux wanted to create something that would stand out amid the competitive world of delectable French sweets. He drew inspiration from Brittany’s rich dairy products and combined the region’s beloved salted butter with caramel. He then added crushed nuts to the caramel, creating Caramel au Beurre Salé, or Salted Butter Caramel! 

This delicious confection soon took off in Brittany, France, and then the world. Dessert fans wanted salted caramel flavors in all their favorite sweets: desserts, chocolates, sauces, ice creams, and more! 

Why Do We Love Sea Salt and Caramel? 

Sea salt and caramel is a popular flavor because of the combination of the rich, sweet taste of caramel with just a hint of salt. By adding salt to the sugary and buttery caramel confection, a delightful contrast is created that enhances the sweet flavor of the caramel. Together, this results in an altogether more complex flavor experience. 

Taste Sea Salt and Caramel at Wockenfuss Candies

You’ll find a few ways to enjoy the beloved sea salt and caramel flavor at your local Wockenfuss Candies. Try some of our favorites:

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