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The Food Lover’s Guide to Pairing Chocolate with Coffee


Try a peanut butter cup with your morning cup of Joe!

The key to any successful marriage isn’t necessarily finding a person that completes you but finding a person that complements you. The same sentiment is true for food. Cookies are so much sweeter when dipped in milk, cheese is creamier when enjoyed with crackers, and coffee is oh so lovely when paired with chocolate. Here are a few classic chocolate and coffee pairings.

Dark Roast and Dark Chocolate

Coffee is as complex as chocolate, with endless combinations of intensity, body, acidity, and flavor. For the best match, it’s important to pick equal levels of intensity. The bold and bitter notes in a French roast enhance the flavors in a higher percentage, lower-sugar chocolate.


Light Roast and Truffle

The sweeter, less intense taste of light roast coffee is best paired with a fuller taste such as a chocolate truffle. When enjoying a cup of breakfast blend or morning roast, try an assortment of chocolate truffles and compare how the different tastes and textures pair with each sip. Try a Wockenfuss box of assorted chocolate truffles on for size.


Cappuccino and Chocolate Bark

Coffee and milk is a winning combination, and best enjoyed with equally complex tastes. A nut bark such as chocolate with almonds or cashews creates a creamy, sweet, intense flavor when paired with coffee.


Mocha and Peanut Butter Cup

If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, this combination is the one for you. The chocolate-infused coffee paired with peanut butter and chocolate creates an incredibly sweet and pleasant experience.


Friday is National Cafe Au Lait Day. Traditionally warm milk with coffee, the cafe au lait is best enjoyed with a sweet treat to compliment it.


Enjoy National Cafe Au Lait Day with Wockenfuss Chocolates

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