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Four Steps to Planning the Perfect Picnic

Celebrate summer with Wockenfuss!

Celebrate summer with Wockenfuss!

What better way to celebrate summer than to plan a picnic for family and friends? Since July is National Picnic Month, we’ve compiled the perfect picnic planning guide for your seasonal affair. Bon Appetit!

Pick the Perfect Spot

Start by scoping out some possible locations for your picnic.  You’ll want it to have a flat area where you and your guests can set up your blankets.  If you’re going to have children there, it might be a good idea to make sure your spot is near a playground.  Local parks are usually great.  If it’s an adults-only picnic, local reservoirs make great picnic spots, and many have boat rentals for you and your guests to enjoy.

Send Out Your Invitations

Once you’ve secured your location, it’s time to prepare your invitations. Be sure to gather names and contact information for everyone you’d like to invite.  Decide whether you’re going to make your invitations, buy them, or send via email. Whichever way you choose, you will need to include your name, the location of your picnic and a foul-weather alternative, what time guests should arrive, a RSVP number, and whether or not guests should bring a dish to share. Also, include any other relevant information your guests may need. Are the invites ready? Make sure to send them out in time to give your guests plenty of notice!

Prepare Your Meal

Hot summer days call for light, refreshing meals. Simple cheese boards, salads, and cold sandwiches are the perfect fare for you and your guests. Ensure that you’ve made arrangements for any picnic-goers that have dietary restrictions.

Pack the Picnic Basket

When you’re selecting a picnic basket, it is important to keep size in mind. If you’re deciding between two models, get the larger of the two to make sure you have plenty of space. It’s far better to have too much than not enough.  If you can’t find a basket to fit your needs, a cooler would work just as well.  Don’t forget to include disposable utensils, plates, cups, and trash bags.


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