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Four Tips for Properly Storing Chocolate

Four Tips for Properly Storing Chocolate

When it comes to storing your chocolate, you’ve got to be careful.

Putting a chocolate bar in the freezer for a half-hour or so can give it a nice, pleasant snap. Still, you don’t want to leave it in there too long! When it comes to storing your chocolate, you’ve got to be careful. So what are some of the mistakes to avoid? Let’s find out. 

Avoid the Refrigerator 

Your chocolate can survive for a little while in the freezer, but don’t put it in the fridge! That’s because the chocolate will absorb odors coming from anything else you’re keeping in there. Plus, the moisture that is in the refrigerator can lead to a troubling issue known as chocolate bloom – and when this happens, it isn’t pretty! Chocolate bloom is when the sugar pops out onto the candy’s surface and changes the color. It doesn’t change the flavor, but it can make the chocolate look unappetizing. 

Keep It Cool and Dry 

Instead of putting the chocolate in the fridge, find a cool and dry place to store it. For best results, keep it between 65 and 68 degrees. Make sure your storage area has low humidity, too. What exactly does this mean? The humidity level should be below 55%. By doing this, you can ensure that your chocolate won’t fall victim to bloom or other problems that can ruin its taste or texture. 

Use an Airtight Container 

Another suggestion is to keep your chocolate in an airtight container. That’s because exposure to air will start to oxidize the chocolate. Unlike the issue of blooming, this will change how the chocolate tastes. Your favorite treat can go from something you enjoy to something you avoid because you can’t stand how it tastes now. 

Don’t Expose It to Light

You can keep the chocolate from changing too much; one last suggestion is to keep it out of the light. Sunlight can cause the chocolate to melt before you want it to, for one thing. Even artificial light can affect the taste of chocolate. If you don’t want your chocolates to spoil, then you need to do whatever you can to keep it safe. Milk chocolate will last for at least a year, while its darker counterpart can last up to two years!

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