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Fruit and Chocolate: A Combination we Love

Amaretto Cordials, available at Wockenfuss

A sweet new development is on the rise for artisan candy makers and bakers: a gourmet fruit product manufactured by Taura Natural Ingredients, to be launched later this month at the ISM trade show in Cologne. Meant to be used as an added source of flavor in chocolates, cakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, breads, and brioche, the fruit will be available in a variety of different flavors: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, orchard fruit, orange, and honey.

As the leading manufacturer for concentrated fruit products, Taura Natural Ingredients’ new line of dried fruits is produced in a smaller size, thereby making the pieces more convenient for use by artisan chocolatiers and confectionaries. The General Manager EMEA at Taura elucidated the advantages of their gourmet candy product, purporting that for the first time ever, the company’s high quality Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC) fruit products made with technical prowess are available for use in craft chocolate and baked goods.

The low-down on this URC technique? It creates the burst of flavor and taste expected of fresh fruit, without presenting the problem of rapid perishing and the mess of pulpy fruit. It’s also meant to cut down on costs by preventing the need to purchase expensive fresh fruits. As an added delight, Taura Natural Ingredients’ gourmet line is touted for not burning or bleeding during the baking process.

At Wockenfuss, we love a little fruit with our chocolate: coconut creams and clusters, lemon and orange creams, raspberry creams and jellies, and strawberry creams are just some of our bestselling hand packed chocolates. Try a box today.

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Chocolate fruit range targets artisan chocolatiers and bakers

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