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Fun Facts About Chocolate

Fun Facts About Chocolate

How about planning some trivia questions that have to do with chocolate? Here are some fun facts to get you thinking.

If you are planning on hosting another holiday party in a few weeks, you might be wondering what games you and your guests might enjoy. How about planning some trivia questions that have to do with chocolate? Here are some fun facts to get you thinking.

Cacao Pods

Without cacao pods, we wouldn’t have the chocolate products that we all know and love! One pod holds forty-two beans. While that sounds like a lot, here’s something else to think about: two hundred and seventy beans are needed to produce one pound of chocolate. This works out to about 6.5 pods for each pound. A single cacao tree can yield thirty pods. If you love chocolate, then this will amaze you: you’d probably need two or three trees to produce your favorite treat!

Chocolate Ingredients

Chocolate has many ingredients in it. Almonds and peanuts aren’t the only toppings or fillings that pair well with chocolate, but they are the most common! Here’s another mind-blowing fact: the manufacturers who create your favorite chocolate treats use about 40% of the world’s total almond supply, and about 20% of the world’s peanut supply! Another ingredient – and the main one – is cacao butter. Without it, we wouldn’t see so many products enhanced with chocolate flavoring. Believe it or not, this butter is also often used in skincare products!

Solid Chocolate

Chocolate has been known for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It was popular in Mexico for centuries, but not in bars or other solid forms. The first bars of solid chocolate first appeared in Mexico in the 1700s. But chocolate didn’t become a worldwide obsession until the 1840s when edible chocolate was created!

Energy Benefits

Did you know that chocolate also gives you energy? Chocolate can give you enough power to walk about 150 feet. This also means that children get enough energy to be hyper for approximately three hours – so watch out how much chocolate you share with your kids!

In Space

Chocolate is so popular it has even reached outer space! Every time Americans and Russians go up into orbit, they take along chocolate.

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