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Fun Fudge Facts

For chocolate lovers, few treats satisfy a craving for sweets quite so effectively as fudge. This sweet, rich, creamy treat is so satisfying! It’s a perennial favorite for all ages. But how much do you know about fudge? Do you know why its name is synonymous with messing something up? Learn the answer to that question and more in today’s blog!

fudge facts

Did you know these fun fudge facts?

Fudge: a family favorite for over a century

While many candies have a long history dating back many centuries, fudge is on the newer side; it was first created in the late 1880s. The very first mention of the confection came in a letter that was written by a student of Vassar College named Emelyn Battersby Hartridge. In the letter, she mentioned that a cousin of one of her classmates had made fudge in Baltimore. While the exact beginning of the treat is unknown, most candy scholars believe that the first batch of fudge was accidentally created when confectioners “fudged” a recipe for caramel. Another possibility is that a home economics teacher in Virginia was teaching students how to make toffee and didn’t boil the syrup long enough, leading to the soft and creamy treat. Either way, we know the name came about because the invention was the result of “fudging” another recipe. Now that’s one mistake that we’re glad happened!

Fine fudge from Wockenfuss

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