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Fundraising Can Be Sweet


Help your organization achieve it’s goal!

It is that time of year again when school is starting and groups are thinking about how to pay for their activities for the year. Instead of selling the same catalog of wrapping paper and candles every year, why not choose something with some sweeter results?

The Competition of Fundraising

It seems like every year student groups, extracurricular activities, and student support groups like the PTA start competing with each other for funds. They all carry around fliers for frozen pizzas and wrapping papers only to hear potential buyers say they already bought from another group. Year after year, groups lose money because of this competition. So why do they continue to compete? Is it lack of options?  Or are they unwilling to try something different that could flop? Whatever the reason may be, there is one thing that has the best possibility of raising your group the money it needs: candy.

Fundraising with Wockenfuss

With our fundraisers, your customers cannot only buy themselves a sweet treat to munch on, but they can also purchase gifts for all occasions. We have sweet treats everyone will love. From our gummi bears and fruit slices to our gourmet truffles, these sweets cannot be beat! These items are perfect to give as gifts! Our brochure features products that are perfect for people missing Maryland’s shores like our own Salt Water Taffy or Caramel Popcorn. Our brochure pages are filled with sweets that the average buyer would go to the store and buy anyway, so why not save them the trouble of tracking them down and bringing the sweets to their doorstep?

Our Fundraisers

It doesn’t matter if you are saving up to rent M&T Bank Stadium for your high school prom or to afford the annual ski trip, our fundraising can help you achieve your goal. Our fall fundraising programs run from May 1st to November 9th. Our spring program runs from January 1st to March 4th with a special Easter holiday insert. Our fundraising programs can help you achieve any goal you have set for your non-profit or charitable organization.

Every organization is different, so shouldn’t your fundraising be as unique as you are? Go for something deliciously different and stand out from the crowd. With our delicious products, your group will be able to achieve your fundraising goal in no time!

Wockenfuss Candies

Our fundraisers are available in the Baltimore Metro area. For more information on our fundraisers, contact Wockenfuss Candies. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us at Wockenfuss Candies: call 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our specialties, satisfy your sweet tooth by following us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest!

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