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Head to Wockenfuss, your Baltimore Candy Store, to stock up for Easter

Baltimore Candy StoreYour Baltimore candy store has everything you need to make Easter Sunday truly special!

Easter is fast approaching. Have you started to stock up on Easter Candy? If you wait too long, all of the good candy will be gone! So do your best Easter Bunny impression and hop in your car and head to the Wockenfuss Candies nearest you. Or sit back, relax, and browse our wide selection of Easter candy, including Easter eggsjelly beansmalted milk eggs, and Chocolate Bunnies, from the convenience of your couch. All of our candy is available online and can be shipped to you within 3-6 business days.

For Americans, Easter is the second biggest candy-consuming holiday, behind, you guessed it, Halloween. Each year, Americans consume more than 120 million pounds of candy – 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs, 700 million peeps, and 16 million jellybeans – and spend more than $2.1 Billion. Whoa!

So, as you can imagine, Easter is a busy time for us here at Wockenfuss, your Baltimore candy store. We are hard at work creating some of your favorite Easter candy treats.

Where did the name Easter come from?

Despite being a holiday so rooted in religious history, the origins of the term Easter are actually unknown. But there are several theories. Some believe the term is derived from Eostre, a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility. Other believe Easter can be traced to the Latin term hebdomada alba, meaning white week. Because of a translation error, the phrase appeared as esostarum in Old High German, which later became Easter.

No matter where the name came from, one thing is certain; Easter sure is a sweet holiday…literally! And Wockenfuss is here to make sure it stays that way!

Head to Wockenfuss, your Baltimore Candy Store, to stock up for Easter

Wockenfuss has everything you need to make Easter Sunday a special occasion, from Easter eggs, to chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, carrot cake candy corn, and so much more! We even have a line of sugar free Easter candy!

Wockenfuss has been a Maryland tradition since 1915. Let us help make your Easter one your children will never forget!

If you have any questions about our Easter candy, please contact Wockenfuss Candies, your Baltimore candy store, by calling 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest!

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