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History of the Chocolate Truffle | Candy Shop in Baltimore

There are two kinds of truffles in this world, and both are considered the crème de la crème of their respective food groups: the subterranean mushroom and, of course, the rich balls of ganache that melt in your mouth.

Originating in France, the chocolate truffle was named after the aforementioned truffle fungus because of their similarities in shape and size. Supposedly created in the 1920s when an apprentice under the culinary legend Auguste Escoffier made a botched batch of pastry cream, these luxurious chocolate treats were the result of one big accident. Mistakenly pouring hot cream over pieces of chocolate rather than the eggs and sugar intended to make the pastry filling, the mixture formed a paste that could then be rolled into small balls. Topped off with a little cocoa powder, the famed chocolate truffle was therein born.

With a great base to work from, chocolatiers have since invented alternate version of the traditional truffle, sometimes rolling the center of the ganache in powdered sugar, others in finely chopped nuts. Ganaches used to make truffles can even be flavored with champagnes and liqueurs, and sometimes the final product will get rolled in a protective layer of hardened chocolate for an added sweet kick.

A warning of caution to truffle devotees: many assorted chocolate varieties are labeled truffles, even when they aren’t filled with creamy ganache. So beware of centers filled with fruit crèmes, whipped creams, and caramel – though decidedly delicious, they most certainly cannot be considered truffles!

Accidents happen, and sometimes for good reason; the chocolate truffle is one such case. If you’d like to get your hands on some delicious chocolate truffles, take a gander at these gourmet truffles from Wockenfuss, a Baltimore, Maryland candy shop. Order yours online or in one of our eight locations today.

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The History of Chocolate Truffles

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