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Holiday Specials: Chocolate Gift Boxes

wockenfuss candies chocolate gift boxes

Browse our seasonal chocolate gift boxes, including our dark chocolate almond bark!

If you are searching for simple yet delicious gifts to give this holiday season, look no further than Wockenfuss Candies. In addition to our many classic chocolate gift boxes, we have several seasonal specials ideally suited for giving and receiving this holiday. Our chocolate almond bark, almond butter crunch, seasonal chocolate boxes, and triple mint truffles are all delicious and appealing sweets you can share with others this year. 

Milk and Dark Chocolate Almond Bark 

Almonds and chocolate are one of the most enduring flavor combinations. The subtle flavor of almond and its crunchy, nutty texture pair perfectly with the creamy richness of milk and dark chocolate. Our Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Almond Bark come packaged in appealing seasonal packaging, with a clear view of the delicious bark contained in each box. Every slab of bark consists of mouthwatering Wockenfuss chocolate loaded with roasted whole California almonds. 

Almond Butter Crunch 

If you adore the super sweet toffee flavors and the nutty crunch of almonds, try one of our Almond Butter Toffee chocolate gift boxes. Each piece contains rich, buttery, crunchy toffee covered in milk chocolate and rolled in fresh chopped California almonds. These sweets look incredibly appealing, so your friends or family won’t be able to resist unwrapping these chocolate gift boxes on Christmas Day.

Candy Cane and Christmas Tree Boxes with Assorted Chocolates

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic assorted chocolate gift boxes. At Wockenfuss Candies, we add seasonal flair to some of our box options with the Candy Cane and Tree box designs. The Candy Cane box includes assorted milk and dark chocolate favorites displayed in a candy cane shape to create a stylish and seasonal presentation. The Tree box features various chocolate candies in the form of a Christmas tree! Both shapes are surrounded by shiny gold decorations for that extra touch of seasonal flair.  

Triple Mint Truffles

Our mint truffles contain three layers: chocolate on the top and bottom, and mint in the middle. This creates small, appealing squares with a beautiful brown and pastel green striped pattern. These treats combine the classic chocolate flavor with an infusion of peppermint oil for a refreshing, minty experience. These truffles are individually packaged in paper cups and are displayed in a gift box. These gift boxes are excellent options for the friends, co-workers, party hosts, or extended family for who you want to show your appreciation this season. 

A Wide Selection of Delicious Treats from Wockenfuss Candies

Head to and browse our wide selection of chocolates and candies; we promise you won’t be disappointed! Wockenfuss Candies is one of the oldest candy makers in Baltimore. We opened our doors in 1915 and have proudly served the people of Baltimore ever since. If you have any questions about our wide selection of chocolates, please contact Wockenfuss Candies by calling 1-800-296-4414 or email When you’re not savoring our sweets, stay satisfied by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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