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How to Create a Candy Buffet Your Wedding Guests Will Love

wedding candy buffet

Delight your wedding guests with a custom candy buffet!

If you’re planning a summer wedding, it’s more than likely that you’ve handled most of the details already. By this time you’ve booked the venue, arranged transportation, and painstakingly chosen the buttercream icing over the chocolate glaze. Now you’re in search of unique, fun ways to set your wedding apart from the rest. Have you considered a custom candy buffet?

Deciding On the Quantity of Candy

Before you go crazy with your candy order, consider the size of your wedding. Obviously, you’re going to need fewer sweets if you’re hosting a smaller, more intimate wedding. For larger weddings, the shock and awe factor will rely on the size and variety of the candy buffet. Make sure you have more than enough for each guest.

Choosing Candies

Your candy selection depends on your personal tastes. If you want your candy buffet to display a cohesive theme, opt for candies with similarities such as hard candies and lollipops. You should also take any dietary preferences your guests might have into consideration.

Maintaining the Candy Buffet  

Guests are going to absolutely love the candy buffet, which means that some of the items may become disorganized throughout the party. The easiest way to keep a candy buffet neat is to hire an attendant. He or she can make sure that each goodie is well stocked throughout your wedding!

Designing the Candy Buffet

Brightly colored candies will make for an attractive set-up. The important rule is to maintain a cohesive theme or color scheme. Display the candies in simple mason jars or glass containers and label them with handwritten cards for a rustic touch.

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