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Is Chocolate Good For Your Health?

We are all about chocolate, in its many delicious varieties because what is not to love. Often people talk about how healthy chocolate is. If that is true, say hello to my new favorite super food (let us be honest no matter what the health benefits are, giving up chocolate is out of the question.) But if there are myths that need to be debunked, it is still important to know all of the facts.

Heart Healthy

Flavanols can lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular functions, even better – flavanols are found naturally in cocoa beans.  They are more prevalent in dark chocolate than milk or white chocolate, but all varieties of chocolate contain come flavanols. Research has also shown to link chocolate consumption to a lower risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. The healthiest variety of chocolate is dark chocolate with a cocoa content of sixty-five percent or higher.

Keeps You Feeling Fuller Longer

Mom always warned you not to spoil your appetite with treats before dinner, turns out, she was right. Chocolate contains high levels of fiber, which can lead you to feel full for a longer period of time. High fiber is great for your digestive system as well as your waist if you’re trying to lose some weight because it curbs your appetite.

Before you completely cut kale, quinoa and other healthy foods out of your diet, remember that chocolate is only healthy when it is enjoyed in moderation. Once chocolate is processed, sugars and other ingredients are added which reduce some of the health benefits that are there when chocolate is in its purest form.

Here at Wockenfuss, we’re all about this healthy wonder chocolate. Since 1915, we’ve been spreading the joy that chocolate can bring around Maryland and beyond. Why not try a dark chocolate caramel apple to go along with that glass of red wine? Or better yet, order an assortment of some of your favorite kinds of chocolate. Visit our website for more chocolate-related paraphernalia and tasty treats.

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