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It’s Salt Water Taffy Time

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away, a little girl came out to play. Craving some sweet taffy from her favorite candy store on the shore, she stopped into David Bradley’s taffy shack. The taffy shack located in Atlantic City had recently flooded from a storm, soaking the taffy with water from the Atlantic Ocean.  Curious about this new treat she bought a piece and skipped away with a smile. That summer, salt-water taffy took Atlantic City by storm. Since that day in the 1890’s, salt-water taffy has become a symbol of a trip to the beach.

This delicious combination of sweet, salty and chewy was the start of something new for candy lovers and beach visitors alike. Within a decade of its creation, salt-water taffy was appearing everywhere. From beach front candy stores to carnivals in the Midwest, people everywhere were selling this delicious treat.

Although salt-water taffy is not made with water from the ocean, its stickiness and saltiness will always be comparable to a hot summer day by the ocean.

Here at Wockenfuss, we’re all about the deliciousness that is salt water taffy. Since 1915, we have been spreading the joy that salt water taffy can bring around Maryland and beyond. Why not pick up some salt water taffy on your way to Ocean City this summer, or better yet, we can just meet you there. We have eight delicious locations (with three in Ocean City) serving some of the finest salt water taffy this summer – and all year long.

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