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Keeping up with the Holiday Rush: Artisan Chocolate Company in Maryland

foil santasAround the holidays, it may seem as though there’s enough chocolate and more to fill the stockings under mantles across America, but in the weeks leading up to December artisans have to race faster than elves in the North Pole to make enough chocolate to satiate the need of sweets lovers.

Oftentimes, retail clients of chocolate makers underestimate how much product they this time of year, causing them to request last-minute deliveries in the days leading up to the holidays. Though it puts chocolatiers in a difficult position, forcing them to work around the clock to produce enough goods to spread the holiday cheer, most won’t turn down the opportunity to take advantage of the increased contribution to their yearly revenue.

As with much of the food consumed by Americans, it is rare that we stop to think where the sweet treats we love and eat actually come from – what goes in to the process of harvesting cocoa beans and transforming them from a plant to the delicious chocolate we devour after purchasing it from a store. And whereas mass-produced chocolate is loadedchristmas chocolate with preservatives that give it a long shelf-life, artisan chocolate is made from fresh ingredients that won’t keep for months on end, thereby further adding pressure to the demand for chocolate around the holidays. The newly released non-fiction work, Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate, seeks to make consumers more aware of the journey chocolate takes from bean to bar, educating them about what the industry is doing to preserve the flavonol-filled food. The book makes a great accompaniment to holiday chocolate for the chocolate lover on your list – they’ll only appreciate the delicious food more after reading.

Don’t worry about encountering a shortage at Wockenfuss – our expert chocolatiers are hard at work to help you spread the chocolate love this holiday season. Come pick a box from Wockenfuss today, the premiere artisan chocolate company in Maryland!

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Artisans struggle to keep up with holiday demand

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