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Kick-Off Wedding Season with These 5 Dessert Table Tips

dessert table

Provide your wedding guests with an elegant dessert table complete with gourmet sweet treats that everyone will love.

Now that June is here, wedding season is in full swing! No matter how casual or small the wedding may be, one thing is for certain: the dessert table is critical. Cater to your guests with more than just the wedding cake: provide them with an elegant dessert table complete with gourmet sweet treats that everyone will love.

Stick with Your Theme

When planning a wedding, you’ve gone through painstaking measures to make sure your theme runs throughout your ceremony and reception. The dessert bar is one of the best places to display your wedding’s theme and colors. Finding tablecloths and flower arrangements that match your theme are the best way to bring the dessert table to life.

White Serving Dishes

There is a reason why every high-end restaurant serves meals on simple white dishes. White serving bowls and dishes are the best way to display any food, including gourmet desserts – the elegant white background allows guests to see the elaborate designs of each dessert more clearly. It’s a plus that white is the traditional color for weddings and will complement any theme!

Supply a Variety of Desserts

A vanilla wedding cake is the go-to wedding dessert, but let’s be honest – guests would like to see a little more variety at the reception. There are bound to be some chocolate-lovers at the wedding, so make sure that your dessert table has an abundance of chocolate candies, like chocolate-covered pretzels and gourmet truffles.

Summer Candy is a Must

With a summer wedding, bright and festive candy is the best way to liven up your dessert table. Look for colorful candies that match your wedding theme’s colors, like crystal sticks or a variety of gummy candies that guests of all ages can enjoy. Displaying these in glass jars or white bowls is an elegant way to incorporate color into your dessert table.

Label Everything

Labeling each dessert and gourmet candy is very helpful to your guests, especially for those who suffer from food allergies. This is also a great way to add some elegant paper displays to your dessert table. Your guests will enjoy themselves all night when the dessert table has something for everyone to enjoy.


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