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What Do You Know About Caramel Apples?


Caramel apples are a delicious way to show someone you care.

Caramel apples are a delicious way to show someone you care.

You probably know the most important thing about caramel apples: they’re absolutely delicious. However, you might not know their history. If you’re wondering how the caramel apple came to be, read on, because we’re going to be talking about it today.

How did the caramel apple get its start?

Before this wonderful treat came about, there was the candy apple. The candy apple was invented in 1908 by a man named William W. Kolb. He was experimenting with red cinnamon candy during the Christmas season; when he combined the candy with apples, he found that he had discovered an amazing new treat. Caramel apples, however, were not invented until the 1950s. These delicious sweets were the result of a man named Dan Walker and a lot of excess caramel during Halloween. This clever Kraft Foods employee melted down the caramel and dipped an apple into it – and the rest is history. Caramel apples are also referred to as “taffy apples”, but only when they are dipped in special coatings like nuts or cookie pieces.

What sorts of caramel apples are out there?

We at Wockenfuss offer a very wide selection of caramel apples.  One of our most unique and popular options is our Carmel Apple Pie. We dip a granny smith apple in caramel, then white chocolate, and then we finish it off with a cinnamon sugar coating. It’s like biting into a slice of apple pie! If you’re looking for a wild and wonderful chocolate adventure, consider the Milk Monster. We start with a granny smith apple, dip it in caramel, cover it in milk chocolate and almonds, and then top it off with a white chocolate and milk chocolate drizzle. No matter what kind of caramel apple you are looking for, we can help you find the perfect sweet treat.

Ready to Pick Out Your Father’s Day Candies? We can help!

When planning your next gift-giving occasion or just wanting to treat yourself to something extra special, stop by one of our Wockenfuss locations and pick out what you like! We have all sorts of wonderful candy options that are sure to please every member of the family, even the furry ones.

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