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How Long Have Gummi Candies Been Around?

How Long Have Gummi Candies Been Around?

Can’t get enough of yummy gummi candies? We can’t, either.

Can’t get enough of yummy gummi candies? We can’t, either. Whether it’s the color, the texture, or the taste that attracts you, you know they’ll always be your favorites. These treats have a longer history than candy lovers might realize. 

Early Days 

Here’s a quick history lesson on the origins of gummi candy. Despite their popularity in the US, they come from somewhere farther away – Germany, to be exact! Hans Riegel invented them in the early 1900s. He was the first person to come up with the idea of the gummi bear. Other gummi-based candies also started springing up in other countries. Two countries with similar candies outside Germany include Turkey and Japan – Turkish delight in Turkey and rice candies in Japan are highly similar but use different ingredients. Here’s another fun fact: gummi candies are related to the jams and jellies you can put on toast or bagels. That’s because they all involve combining sugar and fruit!

The Shapes of Things 

Today’s gummi bears and other gummi delights are a modern classic. Still, these shapes aren’t the ones that candy lovers enjoyed growing up. The first few waves of gummi bear were both taller and skinnier than the ones we have today. In 1960, the top executives at Haribo started to change that shape. That’s when their bears began to spread to other countries throughout Europe. It was around this time when gummi worms and other animals started to take off in popularity, leading to more unusual shapes like peaches, watermelons, and soda bottles! 

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